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Looking for something exciting and educationa‍‍‍l for the weekend or Winter break? Stop by one of our in-studio events or join one of our seasonal programs where the students can take their time to explore things even further! Or enjoy a custom-tailored event, like a Kids On Air birthday party!

A Space Made for Young Learners.

Explore the world at the new Kids On Air Studio located in the heart of Ala Moana. We fill every corner of the studio with things that inspire creativity. With a new country theme each month, and a different hands-on activity every day, there's always something new to explore and discover about the world!

Explore The World With Kids On Air's Enrichment Progra‍‍‍ms

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Learning Wherever We Grow.

For visitors to our island home, we offer a fun-filled Hawaiiana program. Each weekday morning we have a different activity to get to know Hawaii —learn about the legends of Maui, how to pound your own onolicious poi, or the science used by the first Polynesian voyagers!